Alison Roth, ShrinkWrap Leader

February 08, 2017
To Alison Roth, ShrinkWrap was a venture that was borne out of necessity. Besides being a licensed psychotherapist herself, her varied career means she understands the importance of branding and marketing. Her experience included a decade-plus career in the branding, marketing and website development businesses. While she primarily dealt with clients in the online dating industry, the overall experience enlightened her to the fact that therapists also need branding and marketing assistance if they want to build a successful practice.

Under the leadership of Alison Roth, ShrinkWrap provides critical marketing and branding services to the therapy industry. They can do so successfully because Alison Roth has the background to make it happen. Many of her fellow therapists were missing out. Many of them had an outdated attitude when it came to branding and marketing their practice, and they largely didn’t realize they were missing out on growing their client base, so they could continue doing what they love. For a practice to grow, it needs patients. Patients need to know the practice is there and can help.